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  We sell and provide various types of quality spices at affordable prices. This product is an additional ingredient or mixture in food processing, so that it gets a distinctive aroma and taste, especially in archipelago or traditional foods. Spices certainly have an important role in giving food taste. Produced from a variety of plants that have a strong aroma and taste.

The use of this spice mixture is common in Indonesia. The culinary in this country is well known for its various kinds of spices that have a distinctive and delicious taste and aroma. Not only as a food mixture, but spices are also widely used as traditional medicines which are very potent with processed processes from generation to generation.

PT Tsamarot Indonesia is the most complete and cheapest distributor and supplier of spices in Indonesia. We always present superior products which are of course obtained from selected raw materials and are the best in their class. Apart from these spices, we also sell and supply a variety of high quality fresh fruit, fruit purees and fruit concentrates.

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  Selling Complete Spices

Culinary tourism in Indonesia is growing rapidly with the times. Various food preparations are created to get innovative flavors, shapes, aromas, colors and types to meet market needs. In food processing, of course, a mixture that strengthens taste and aroma is needed, one of which is this spice. We provide various types of spices, including:

 - Nutmeg

 - Cloves

 - Vanilla / Vanilla

 - Cardamom

 - Black pepper

 - White pepper

 - Ginger

 - Etc

Find out the various needs for spices only with us to get superior products with guaranteed quality. Our products have been widely used for various industrial and commercial needs, both large and small scale.