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Fruits Puree

 Fruit puree is a type of processed fresh fruit that is extracted and has a soft texture. Puree is obtained from fresh fruit by grinding and pressing processes. For a smoother texture, generally this fruit puree is also filtered. As a fruit juice, this product is highly recommended as a substitute for breast milk or solids

We sell and provide a variety of fresh fruit purees such as apples, soursop, strawberry, mango, lemon, guava, pineapple and so on. Fruit puree products of course must be stored in cold conditions to get freshness and optimal vitamin content. The durability of puree also varies depending on the type of food being processed. Apart from this puree, we also provide complete fruit concentrate at affordable prices.

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 Selling Complete Fruit Puree

PT Tsamarot Indonesia is widely known as a distributor and sales center for the most comprehensive and cheapest fruit puree products in Depok, Indonesia. It is a fresh extracted fruit that gets soft and smooth characteristics.

Each type of fruit has our specifications and those that enter must pass sorting so that the fruit that will be produced will get maximum results.