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 PT. Tsamarot Indonesia is widely known as the most complete distributor and supplier of fresh fruit at affordable prices. In Indonesia, the agricultural and plantation sectors are growing rapidly. This is evident from the large demand for fruit for various needs, both for consumption and as a raw material for making juices or extractions such as fruit purees and fruit concentrates.

Fresh fruit is the people's choice for nutrition and vitamins contained in it. We provide local and high quality fruits from Indonesia, especially in the island of Java and are processed hygienically to produce perfect purees without any water mixture.

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 Fresh Fruit Distributor & Supplier

Fruit raw materials used from native Indonesian plantations from various regions, for example:

• Red guava that we take from West Java

• Pineapple from Sumatra

• Soursop fruit from West Java and East Java

Each type of fruit has our specifications and those that enter must pass sorting so that the fruit that will be produced will get maximum results.